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Why You Should Use Steel Shooting Targets

Target shooting for sport can be a fun way to spend your free time and get in practice with your gun. If you want to be precise when you are shooting, you will need to purchase targets that will allow you to see how well you’ve done. You can choose from paper targets that you have to change out after being used one or two times, or you can opt for steel targets that will last much longer.

Using steel targets have several advantages over using paper targets. One of these advantages is saving money. You will only use a paper target one or two times before you have to stop your target practice and go change out your target. Even if you are practicing alone, that could mean going through several targets before you’ve stopped for the day. When you use steel pistol targets, you can use the same target over and over again without having to stop and change out your target to continue shooting.

A steel target also provides immediate feedback when you shoot at it, whereas with a paper target, you often have to stop and go look at the target to gage how well you’ve done. You know you’ve hit the target when you hear the ping from your ammunition hitting the target. That allows you to keep shooting, knowing you are hitting what you are aiming at.

Unlike paper targets, which have to be pinned down so the wind doesn’t blow them away if you are shooting outdoors, steel targets also react to being hit by a bullet. Steel targets are suspended from chains, so when they are hit, they move when impacted by the bullet. This allows you to not only hear the target being hit, but to see the target being hit as well. Reactive targets, such as these steel targets, will help you learn how to shoot more accurately, up tp 50% faster than a static target will.

It’s well known that AR500 steel targets resist abrasions and are hard enough to prevent holes from being shot through them, unless the weapon or ammo is too high powered for the target. The steel is usually about 3/8″ thick, but you can get the steel targets in 1/2″ thickness as well. They came in a variety of sizes so you can perfect your target shooting. You can purchase sizes ranging from 3″ up to 14″ round targets.

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