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Choosing the Appropriate Dog Crates for your Pets

Everyone needs some space that they can use for privacy, even your pet dogs. That is why, it is essential to provide them dog crates, which are described as an enclosure box with doors. These crates are intended to replicate their natural den which can provide refuge when traveling or just when at home. The most usual reasons for utilizing crates are for display during dog show, toilet training of new puppy and short journeys inside the car.

What are the Types?

These crates come in numerous sizes and designs. They are also made from various materials and this offers you an option to choose the perfect one for your furry friends.  Here are the different types of dog crates and the variations of every type.

Plastic Crates

Are available in hard plastic or soft plastic. They are more appropriate for safe travel compared to other types such as in airplane because plastic crates are versatile, easy to transport and made from indestructible material. They also provide a safer place for dogs in case an accident happened due to the presence of rounded interior on the crates.  However, these crates also have disadvantages as they take plenty of space for storage and folding is not possible.

Steel Crates

Dog crates made from steel are tested for crash, thus specifically designed for use in SUVs and hatchbacks when transporting your dogs.  These crates have extraordinary crumple zones areas that absorb impacts during accidents and were tested in the laboratory for safety. However, they cannot be used for carrying dogs outside the vehicles or airplane transportation since they are heavy.

Aluminum Crates

Are available in folding for fixed type.  They are lightweight, do not rust, provide excellent vision and airflow for your dog, strongly constructed and look attractive than crates made from wire.  Aluminum crates are usually used for car travel, veterinary clinics, breeding shelter environments as well as permanent den inside the house. Some of them have bars which are used for dogs that are more comfortable seeing the outside. Others have solid walls for dogs that prefer to have a den feeling and feel more secure. However, they are more expensive compared to other types and take more space.

Wire Crates

Dog crates made from wires are economical, can be folded easily and take lesser space.  They are also available in wide array of sizes that can be used depending on the size of your dogs and their use.  Wire crates are frequently used during dog shows as they can be easily seen by the observers and won ribbons, rosettes or sashes can be displayed on the crate. Sometimes, covers or pads are used to make them feel more comfortable and safer.  In addition, this kind of crate also provides the dogs with more airflow.

Soft Crates

Are less commonly used but they are lightweight, economical and can be folded easily for transport and storage.  Soft crates are made of fabrics so they are only used for dogs that do not like chewing or digging.  In addition, they are also inappropriate for transportation in any kinds of vehicle.

Dog Tents

Some people use dog tents instead of soft crates.  They are very lightweight and can be folded down to smaller size for stuffing in any bags and carrying them anywhere.   Dog tents are also perfect for individuals who camp, involved in any dog sports or hike as well as for people who need to store their soft crates to suitcases or cramped vehicles.  However, they are not appropriate for dogs or puppies that are not tamed or for travel use.

Wicker or Wooded Crates

This type of dog crates needs more careful consideration prior to purchase.  They are ideal for dogs that are not escape artist or chewer because they will most likely chew the woods when trying to escape and it can damage your furniture.  Wooden crates are also a magnificent addition to your home as they add more visual quality to your decorations.

What can you put Inside the Crates?

It is important to put some washable bedding, probably the favorite blanket inside the crates so that your dog will feel more comfortable.  You can also include their favorite toys at that moment and some treats or bone that they can chew.  This is because some dogs like to chew bone before falling asleep and when they wake up.  In addition, you are also reinforcing positive feelings.  If your dogs have collars, ensure that you remove them before they go inside the dog crates.  There is a possibility that your pets can be choked if the ID tags or collars caught the bars of the crates.

Where to Place Dog Crates at Home?

When you are at home, the most ideal place to put the dog crates is close to you. If your home is big, place the crates in areas where you spend most of your time such as in the kitchen and living room.  If it is impossible to move the crates inside your sleeping quarter, move it near your bedroom. Take note that pets like to be with you 24 hours a day, 7 times a week.

Children should be taught that dog crates are a special space or room for dogs that is why they should not annoy them when inside the crates regardless of where they are located in your home.  By doing this, your furry friends will have the confidence that they can rest or retreat on their crates as long as they want without being disturbed.

Bottom Line

Regardless of what type of dog crates you choose for your dogs, always remember that they must be appropriate to their breeds as well as to their personality.   Dogs are considered as den animals and most of them enjoy having their own special space or room for security and rest.  Just like children, dogs also have needs and wants. That is why as an owner, you need to do things to ensure their safety and comfort.  You should always think what is good for them in order to enhance their quality of living including those people who will be close to them.

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